Zero Knowledge Proof

Zero Knowledge Mbits is exploring and doing research into the field of Zero Knowledge Proof and Secure Multiparty Computation and how this can be utilized in our systems

Zero Knowledge Proof makes it possible for unknown people or entities to collaborate with each other in an safe way. This making our system robust and trustworthy, and everyone taking part in using our systems will benefit from this.´s approach to Zero Knowledge Proof lets the user/costumer/warehouse/brand or company, and the other party or entity deal with each other without knowing or trusting each other. We give the different users the power to proof that they know the secret (or many secrets) without having to reveal information that they don't like to or need to reveal.

Trusting the unknown, and collaborating.

Zero knowledge meaning that nothing or “zero” information about the secret is revealed to the other party, but still letting you proof that you know that secret never-less.

This is a great way for two unknown parties to collaborate without needing to trust eachother.

Our Mbits Zero Knowledge Proof technology can also be used to incentivize the parties to share their data in a trustful manner, knowing that their sensitive data will not be open for other parties, but still can be used anonymized. This can apply to all types of data like; bank-records, different history on the platform, browser history, medical records, DNA, genes and so on... All of this is handled with algorithms overseen by our Artificial intelligence. All of this data is handled decentralized without intermediaries, letting the user or entity retain ownership of their digital assets. Even we don't know the information of our users.

Distributing wealth by entrepreneurship

Since we have a built in ad-platform this data can be used there to benefit everyone using this.

The user get reworded with Mbits for sharing their data, and this can be traded on different exchanges.

But the data can be used for much more then merely ads. Even though our ad-platform is open end democratized and can be used by everyone on our platform that wants to drive their business forward.

Another use-case we are looking into is how our Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning- algorithms can distribute wealth, as this is a big part of our concept, giving people the opportunity to be self-made and provide for themselves as well for their families. We believe financial prosperity via entrepreneurship will bring the world forward, and the technology can be a catalyst making this a reality...