Gaming Platform

The Gaming Platform

The Gaming Platform is set to bring the lucrative gaming industry into the hands of millions of people via their smartphones. We’ll make it possible to create Dapps and use our technology on a variety of other platforms as well: PC, iOS, Android, PS4 (PS5) and Xbox (Xbox Two).

We will make it possible to tap into our diverse platform to add blockchain capabilities and in-game currencies. For example, making it possible for items to be tradable both inside and outside of games with the Mbits Token. Everyone can set up their own trading channels where you can list items for free and gain profit when they are sold, turning your digital assets into cash. Whatever digital assets you have, you can trade them on The Gaming Platform.

The Gaming Platform can also own games, making all thus holding Mbits Tokens “owner” of games. Game sales can then drive the demand for the Mbits token.

E-sport is yet another place where the Gaming Platform can take part. Here the audience can participate interactively with the players. Both via video game live streaming and via their Dapps/apps on events. You can also participate or help your friend when watching them play online.

All this will disrupt and give value back to the platform, the users and investors. The future of gaming is with The Mbits Gaming Platform; disruptive, decentralizing and making you the master of your own gaming universe! Stay tuned for more exciting gaming-news the near future!

The global market

The gaming industry is gigantic, and the market has now surpassed Hollywood. Video games have now higher incomes than both the music and movie industries combined

According to Newzoo (2018), video games generate $134.9 billion in 2018, and almost 50% of this come from mobile devices. Experts say that by 2021 the market can reach $174 billion. are positioning ourselves to be part of this growing market.

Chart is a project where The Gaming Platform will be implemented.

This is an complete decentralized casino and lottery platform on the blockchain, leveraging the Mbits technology. To handle the load from users and transactions, it will utilize the Mbits off-Chain hybrid solution, but verify it on-chain. The Off-Chain approach is cryptographically signed using public/private key pairs, and all communication is self-authenticating, making sure the system is trustworthy.

The casino will be incorporated as its own separate and independent legal entity with the appropriate licenses, in a jurisdiction where casinos, lottery and sports betting is legal.

  • Completely decentralized
  • Tied to the blockchain
  • Transparent, open and safe
  • Zero corruption
  • Will not scam you
  • Provable fair
  • Equality

The online gambling markets.

Online gambling is legalized in more than 80 nations, and steadily increasing sins more and more countries around the world is adopting new and responsible online gambling regulations.In the US, three states is already allowing online gambling, and more states are expected to adopt similar regulations, as the government want to benefit from the tax revenues generated by the industry. This will lead to great growth in this region.The online gambling market is estimated to reach $81 billion by aim to take part in this industry, and develop responsible gambling even further with our technology.

The market for online Casinos is estimated to reach about $60 billion USD by 2020.

Size of the online gambling market from 2009 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

To make our platform more popular for business developers, we will give them different tools to success

Affiliates will be able to embed our games on their own domain or create their own game-site with us. Affiliates will also be able to send traffic to us with their own unique affiliate-link, like other affiliate programs within this industry does.

Approved companies, bloggers (300K followers and more), brands etc. will be able to apply to opt-in to our white labeling service and take part in our Casino Platform with their own branding. The requirement to participate depends on which package they choose, but they must deposit at least 1,500,000 MBITS Tokens to participate. This shall act as an insurance for the platform. This will also drive the scarcity of the token.

A separate White Paper explaining all this will be released during the last quarter of 2019.

As mentioned above it’s extremely interesting for us to take part in all these industries. If we combine all the markets; The Gaming industry ($174 billion) and the Online Gambling Market ($60 billion), the eCommerce market ($5tn by 2021), and the other technologies are working on; our own ad-platform, Supply chain Technology, democratizing AI, and monetizing data, and we take all this into consideration, we are looking at huge opportunities for the platform.