Mbits.io are building the digital world of tomorrow, today!

Our goal is to achieve widespread adoption with our technology in different industries. Connecting people and businesses across borders. Empowering users and companies with the right tools to succeed within the new technical realm the coming years.



Welcome to Mbits.io

Mbits.io – is a research and science-based platform bringing people and businesses closer to the 4th Industrial Revolution with new technology in a faster and more manageable way.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology, eCommerce, machine learning, and deep learning, Mbits finds bits and pieces scattered throughout the internet making use of all the data, and tying it all together in an intelligent yet comprehensible way.

It’s an exciting moment in history as we are witnessing how blockchain and new technology is shaping the future of our lives. Mbits.io is poised to be a direct part in this revolution by tackling some of the major challenges the world is facing the coming years.

We want to empower people around the world to be able to run their own businesses. We believe in giving people the opportunity to be self-made and provide for themselves as well as their families. Financial prosperity via entrepreneurship will bring the world forward. Mbits.io aim to facilitate this with our technology.

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Road Map

eCommerce technology

  • Staff manager

  • Shareable product technology

  • Ticket support system for each store

  • The ShoppingRiot technology service

  • Social shopping technology

  • Automatically setup and spinning up servers for branding with your own domains

  • Drag and drop website builder

  • API and synchronization service

  • Inventory management

  • Supply chain Technology

  • Payment gateway with escrow

  • Bitcoin integration

Dashboard and platform development

  • Dashboard creator

  • Dashboard for eCommerce

  • Dashboard for our Ad-platform

  • Dashboard for our DNA, CRISPR and stem cell technology

  • Dashboard for The Gaming Platform

  • Staff timesheet and time tracker system

  • Machine learning, deep learning and AI algorithms in collaboration with our partners / other tech companies

Blockchain integration

  • Bringing our Ai, Ad, gaming, eCommerce, Nano, Stem Cell, DNA and CRISPR technology, along with our Mbits.io wallet e.g. to the blockchain

  • Smart contract integration

  • Token modeling

  • Tokenized affiliate and loyalty program

  • Tokenization of the top line

  • Fractional ownership

  • Exploring the implementation of Zero Knowledge Proof (zk-STARKs), Atomic swaps, hashed timelock transactions/contracts, Dual-Key Stealth Addresses, Ring Signatures and Secure Multiparty Computation, Asymmetric encryption, together with two factor authentication and biometrics.

  • Securing assets in crypto-vaults with multi-signing features with multiple e-mails, software and HW signing (e.g with your biometric profile)

  • Proof of ownership, and transfer of value

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi), lending and how collateral shall be placed

  • Exploring how to do a Security token sale and integrating with liquid Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  • Exploring if Reg A+ approval can be the right path for us.

  • Finding ways to avoid regulatory exposure when not holding/maintaining custody of our users’ Tokens/assets

Gaming platform

  • Tokenization of digital assets

  • Game investment

  • DApps and game integrations

  • API gaming platform

Road Map



The 4th Industrial Revolution is likely to change everything as we know it

The 4th Industrial Revolution includes adopting smart technologies, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems. As a result, connected machines will interact and visualize the chains of production while making autonomous decisions. This revolution is anticipated to change every industry.

The 4Ds represent a significant part with; digitalization, democratization, disintermediation, and decentralization. These are all processes that will play a key role, and whose effects we are already experiencing.


One of the new technologies that surfaced during this 4th Industrial Revolution is distributed ledger technology (DLT). Blockchain is a specific form of DLT and is also the most widely known due to the stellar rise of Bitcoin.

Since blockchain technology plays a significant role in the 4th Industrial Revolution by placing the control of data back into the hands of individuals, it has the potential of bringing people closer to economic prosperity through applications such as Mbits.io. Our platform will empower people to possess ultimate control over their assets. The Mbits.io technology will be accessible, simple to learn, and readily available for the non-tech savvy user. To that end, Mbits will collaborate with a broad range of other major companies, investors, banks, research institutions, brands, and supply chain vendors.


Mbits.io – is leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence is really an umbrella term on a branch of computer science. The aim is for machines to mimic the cognition of human intelligence to solve complex problems. Mbits.io aim to be a part of the development of AI, AGI and Artificial neural networks (ANN).

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of AI that focus on how computers can learn by their own without human interventions. Machine learning can analyze vast amount of data and learn from its previous mistakes.

These algorithms complete their task incredible fast and effectively.

Artificial general intelligence

When true Artificial general intelligence (AGI) reach the threshold and surpasses the smartest humanbeing ever lived, it will be 1000 times smarter the next day… Then it will take off from there. If we give this form of AI access to all the information in the world through the internet, the AI could make 20,000 years of technological advancement in just one week. If we let it run for a month it could advance 500,000 years...That’s 500,000 years ahead of us in only one month... and we will not be able to turn it off. After this it will exponentially speed up even more... two months can then be 1,500,000 years... then its billions of times smarter than us

Deep learning

Deep learning is a subset within Machine Learning. This technology attempts to mimic the neurons in brains using matrix mathematics.

This is what we call a neural network. This was first discovered in 1957. The more complex networks are called Deep networks, but these was not practical before 2012. To feed both Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep learning, they need a vast amount of data. The explosion of the internet led to vast amount of data scattered around, but we need a smart way to utilize this raw data. Mbits.io aim to make use of the data and tie it together so it can be used in a manageable way by our systems.


The MBITS platform will open the world of eCommerce to millions of entrepreneurs and connect them to other vendors, merchants, and investors. Thus, MBITS is positioned to be on the leading edge of microeconomic prosperity creation within the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our eCommerce technology can help a majority users, stores, vendors and merchants that collaborate with one another via smart contracts stored on the blockchain.

The Mbits.io Supply chain Technology

We are in negotiations with some of the largest companies in this field to help us develop and use ultra-small micro µ-chips (mu-chips) in conjunction with our Supply chain Technology, Product-composition verification and Ownership and Authenticity Technology.

Our Mbits µ-chips will be preprogrammed, encrypted and connected to our blockchain technology before they are chipped out to our verified suppliers, brands and warehouses, so the chips can be embedded in their products and shipping packages

Flow Chart

This flowchart is an example on how our system can be utilized. In this example we only show four imagined users, and how other industries can connect to our technology. This can be scaled to millions of users in the future.



Kent-Inge Bardseng

CEO and Founder


Chief Architect and Web Officer


Chief Technology Officer and head of The Mbits.io Gaming Platform


Chief Business Development Officer and Head of Marketing


Web and UI Developer